- Valid diving licence for at least 2 years.
- Minimum drivers age is 21 years.
- Minimum rental charge is 24 h 1 day
- Only the drivers signed on the Rental Agreement are able to drive the Wehicle.
Delay in return of the vehicle is charged as follows:
- 1 h = free of charge
- 1 - 2 h = 1/3 of daily rate
- 2 - 3 h - 2/3 of daily rate
- 3 h & more = additional day
The car is rented according to the Rental Agreement terms and conditions stated on the reverse side, which renters are asked to read carefully.

Car must be seccured to prevent further dammage. Contact the "RENT A CAR'office and follow their instructions. Contact the police, make a statement and complete the appropriate forms.
In case of accident, if there is no police report. CDW shall not be applicable at all. and the client is responsible for full damage amount.
TP (theft protection) is not applicable in the case of lost keys or any other careless attitude toward keys or documents of the vehicle.

All our vehicles are allowed to cross Croatian border to all EU countries. Countries we do not allow our vehicles to enter are: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and all former USSR countries. Turkey. Iraq and Albania.
Entrance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. SCG and Macedonia is allowed only on request and with previous approvement form by •RENTACAR' Note: (TP) is not applicable in Serbian territories in Bosnia and Herzegovina. SCG and Macedonia.

All vehicles are insured for CDW ( Collision Damage Waiver) with DW (Deduction Waiver)* wich can be purchased. CDW coverage has some exceptions.
- see Rental Agreement terms and conditions

Accepting and paying the daily deduction waiver fee (DDW), the renter is covered in case of accident completely up to the full damage amount stated in the Rental terms and conditions.
If renter does not accept deduction waiver fee he will be responsible up to the amount of deduction. If the damage amount is smaller than actual damage amount, renter will pay smaller amount.